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Working Papers

  1. “An Analysis of How Individuals React to Market Returns in One 401(k) Plan.” 

  2. “Financial Education and Public Pension Plans,” with Josh Hurwitz. 

  3. “Personalized Retirement Advice and Managed Accounts: Who Uses Them and How Does Advice Affect Behavior in 401(k) Plans.” 

  4. “Saving for Tomorrow Today: How Message Framing Can Improve Retirement Saving Rates for Younger Workers,” with Nicole Montgomery and Lisa Szykman.  Experiment 1 Ads & Experiment 2 Ads.

  5. “The Response of Aggregate 401(k) Trading to Asset Returns,” with Pierluigi Balduzzi.

  6. “Target-Date Funds: Survey and Administrative Evidence,” with Lisa Szykman, Stephen Utkus and Jean Young.


Research in Progress

“Reminders, Commitment Devices and Implementation Intentions: Helping Individuals Make Better Financial Decisions” with Hazel Bateman and Susan Thorp.



Working Papers and Research in Progress

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