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BUAD 492: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Finance

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This course ran during the pandemic year 2020-21 and connected students with entrepreneurs. It was tied to a film and media course that took the raw Zoom videos to create the short video above that provides an overview of the course.

Singapore Study Abroad Program

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2015 Program

Back in 2015, Boehly Center Director Julie Agnew, Associate Director Rita Murphy and Post-Baccalaureate Fellow Megan Woodward organized this first-ever William and Mary business school course in Singapore. Fourteen undergraduate students took part in a five week program introducing them to international finance in Singapore.

Six members of the W&M faculty provided lectures during the two-week on-campus portion of the program. Six W&M alumni participated in on-site or virtual “What is...?” sessions to help prepare the students for site visits. Over 40 industry professionals, including W&M alumni Mark Munoz ‘97, Michael Blakey ‘98, and Lena Lee ‘07, served as site hosts and guest speakers on site in Singapore during the courses three week visit.

Risk Management Course

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2016 Course

In 2016, the Boehly Center sponsored a 2-credit Risk Management course organized by Professor Agnew with lectures from leaders in the corporate world.  Spread over two weekends, students also participated in a 2 day risk simulation sponsored by GenRe. Warren Buffett recorded a special greeting for the students. See the pdf to learn more about the topics discussed.

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