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Australia's Retirement System



Interview for PIMCO DC Dialogue, July/August 2012

In this interview I discuss Australia's Superannuation system. This interview was conducted when I was on sabbatical in Australia.



Center for Retirement Research Issue Brief, April 2013

This issue brief provides a summary of Australia's retirement system.



This paper extends the Financial Literacy around the World (FLAT World) Project to Australia 

FLAT World is a global research initiative designed to investigate financial literacy levels in different countries. Go to the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center website to learn more.


Paper Abstract

Financial literacy and numeracy are closely tied. Furthermore, financial literacy has been shown to relate to important financial behaviors. This study examines the relationship between financial literacy and retirement planning using a measure that includes questions requiring numeracy. We implement a customized survey to a representative sample of 1,024 Australians. Overall, we find aggregate levels of financial literacy similar to comparable countries with the young, least educated, those not employed, and those not in the labor force most at risk. Our financial literacy measure is positively related to retirement planning in our sample.


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